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Safety Management Systems

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what the challenges in your safety and health environment are. Information might be difficult to come by. Many times, collecting the information consistently is a problem. Merely understanding why safety issues become a problem is a challenge.

That is exactly how OHS Compliance Group can help. Our experts will be on-site and conduct a full audit – not matter what industry your business operates in. Their focus will be on the hard and soft issues – from safety equipment and standards to attitudes and knowledge of the staff.

Safety Risk Assessments

OHS Compliance Group develops, reviews, manages comprehensive human health risk assessments.

We leave no stone unturned and will investigate even what may seem to be the smallest of challenges and find the root causes.

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Safety Awareness

Constant and consistent awareness and communication backed up by reinforcement by supervisors, managers and leaders are what changes cultures and behaviour. OHS Compliance Group will provide an array of communication techniques to keep safety awareness at a high level.

Some of these communication tactics include multi-media, quizzes, poster campaigns and refresher training.

Improve your Occupational Health & Safety

Safety Legal Compliance

OHS Act and regulations:

We will assist you to be compliant with the provisions of the South African Occupational Health and Safety Act 1983. Our consulting will tailor our interventions to your industry and within the relevant regulations. We will prepare you and your people to conduct internal audits and how to ensure external audits run smoothly.


Health and Safety Files:

The Health and Safety File is a repository of health and safety information and serves as a legal record that will be of use to both clients and end users. It is a vital source of information which should form part of any health and safety management system in place for projects.

The level of detail of the file must be in proportion with the risks involved, and the degree of effort and resources expended to compile the health and safety file must also be proportionate to the risks in the project.

We customise this file to include everything you need.

Health and Safety Files OHS Compliance

Improve your Occupational Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policy and Procedures:

Safety procedures cover specific safety activities. These procedures outline the steps to be taken to implement a policy. Some procedures are specific to a job or task while others are general descriptions of how to implement a policy.

Safety Policy and Procedures OHS Compliance
OHS Compliance Act and regulations

Health and Safety Compliance Audits:

A Health and Safety audit is a methodical, independent and documented assessment of a business’ system and processes, in which it is measured against regulated criteria to make sure health and safety standards are being upheld.

As a consultancy that has conducted multiple safety audits, OHS Compliance Group offers expert knowledge and best practices. We ensure that within an entity, the health and safety of employees continues via the systematic appraisal of on-site procedures and processes.

Legal Compliance Audits:

The purpose of a Legal Compliance Audit is to advise organizations on all legal requirements governing their particular activities and industry. This is also relevant to industry guidelines, policies and standards.

Our Legal Compliance Audits are in compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Act 85 of 1993, the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130, the Community Fire Safety By-Law 11527 and the National Building Regulation SANS: 10400 and ISO 45001.

Legal Compliance Audits OHS

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Health and Safety Inspections:

Health and Safety inspections are an essential element of OHS programmes that establish standards and monitor compliance.

Our inspections critically examine all factors (equipment, processes, materials, buildings, procedures) that have the potential to cause injury or illness, and to identify where action is necessary to control hazards.

Safety Systems GAP Analysis:

The objective of a Safety Systems GAP Analysis is to recognize conformance with a selected standard or regulation, and to assess safety vulnerabilities and the need for additional resources to reduce or eliminate those vulnerabilities.

OHS Compliance Group makes use of the Safety Systems GAP analysis to assist in identifying opportunities to run organizations more productively.

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