OHS Compliance Act and regulations

Health and Safety Compliance Audits:

A Health and Safety audit is a methodical, independent and documented assessment of a business’ system and processes, in which it is measured against regulated criteria to make sure health and safety standards are being upheld.

As a consultancy that has conducted multiple safety audits, OHS Compliance Group offers expert knowledge and best practices. We ensure that within an entity, the health and safety of employees continues via the systematic appraisal of on-site procedures and processes.

Legal Compliance Audits:

The purpose of a Legal Compliance Audit is to advise organizations on all legal requirements governing their particular activities and industry. This is also relevant to industry guidelines, policies and standards.

Our Legal Compliance Audits are in compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Act 85 of 1993, the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act 130, the Community Fire Safety By-Law 11527 and the National Building Regulation SANS: 10400 and ISO 45001.

Legal Compliance Audits OHS

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Health and Safety Inspections:

Health and Safety inspections are an essential element of OHS programmes that establish standards and monitor compliance.

Our inspections critically examine all factors (equipment, processes, materials, buildings, procedures) that have the potential to cause injury or illness, and to identify where action is necessary to control hazards.

Safety Systems GAP Analysis:

The objective of a Safety Systems GAP Analysis is to recognize conformance with a selected standard or regulation, and to assess safety vulnerabilities and the need for additional resources to reduce or eliminate those vulnerabilities.

OHS Compliance Group makes use of the Safety Systems GAP analysis to assist in identifying opportunities to run organizations more productively.

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Facilities Hygiene OHS Compliance

Facilities Hygiene:

Facility Hygiene is the effort required to make spaces clean and safe from contaminants and pathogens. And because bacteria throughout facilities and restrooms multiplies rapidly, our facility hygiene management services provide audits, preventative maintenance and proven infection control systems.

Structural Integrity Audits:

Structural audits ensure that a company’s suppliers’ industrial and commercial premises are safe, up to relevant codes, and present no danger to employee life and health.

OHS Compliance Group’s audit helps clients to comply with statutory requirements and sets up comprehensive audit programmes to ensure that an organization has quality control processes.

Structural Integrity Audits OHS Compliance
Fire Systems OHS Compliance

Fire Systems:

Fire systems are an essential source of protection against potential fire outbreaks. The warning provided by Fire Systems enables early evacuation thus protecting life and initial emergency fire-fighting may be undertaken to inhibit further spread of the fire thus protecting the property and the contents thereof.

OHS Compliance Group ensures that fire safety issues are appropriately identified, managed and addressed through the implementation of a site-specific program to achieve compliance.